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Wet Film Thickness Comb Gauge; 10 - 33 Microns november, sale, 15% off, Zehntner, custom, 10-33um, wet film thickness gauge
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Zehntner customized Wet Film Thickness Gauge specifically made for Schilling Graphics. This custom 6-sided gauge measures 10 to 33 microns in one micron graduations.Includes instruction manual and soft case.Instruction Manual

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Precision, direct reading WET FILM THICKNESS GAUGE used for accurately measuring the wet film thickness of paints, inks, adhesives, gel coats and many other products. The 2" diameter wheel gauge features 3 rims along its perimeter. 2 rims are the same diameter, spaced apart for gauge support, and are concentric. The third rim is smaller, located on the outside of the supporting rims. Two calibrated scales are engraved directly on the measuring rim (one in Mils the other Microns). To measure...