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Fimor Serilor HR Triple Durometer Squeegee Blade

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Fimor Serilor HR squeegee blades are the high resistance squeegee blades use with industrial and UV inks that require maximum abrasion and chemical resistance. Triple durometer blades have a harder durometer in the middle and soft or medium hardness material on the outside, preventing bends or roll-overs in the squeegee.


Serilor HR screen printing squeegee blades are special polyurethane blades with exceptional combined resistance to chemicals and abrasion. They were developed to withstand the toughest applications in screen printing and to have a long shelf life in most environments.

Benefits & Features

  • Maximum resistance to chemicals
  • Maximum resistance to abrasion
  • High environment stability (temperature, humidity)
  • Sharpens well


Fimor Serilor HR Squeegee Blade Product Data Sheet
Fimor Serilor HR Squeegee Blade Safety Data Sheet