Dura-Mask TapingDura-Mask TapingDura-Mask Taping

Our Dura-Mask Taping provides a protective barrier, which aids in the screens printing consistency. This thin layer protects the substrate side of the screen from the substrate, harsh inks and solvents. The templates for the Dura-Mask Taping layers are drafted in AutoCAD, then sent to our XY cutter/router table. This machine allows precision cuts for optimum fit of the Dura-Mask Taping on Press Ready screens.

TypesTypes of Dura-Mask TapingTypes of Dura-Mask Taping

Schilling Inc. offers three thicknesses of taping. If you would like a thickness not shown, please contact us for more information on other options.

  • 1.5mm - Clear
  • 2.0mm - White
  • 3.75mm - White

XY Cutter/Router Table

XY RouterXY Router

Schilling Inc. continues to invest heavily into new technology. Our XY cutter/router table embodies this Investment. Using laser guidance and intricate mechanics, its creates fast results in an accurate manner down to +/-1 mm. Unlike hand cutting with imperfect lines, or cutter plotters that can distort the cut, this XY cutter/router table uses straight CAD files, turning them into accurate, one piece cut-outs for our Dura-Mask Taping up to 60'' x 119''.

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