Saati Finish Liquid Blockout; W1; 1 Quart

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Price: $15.30

    Applications: Screen filler (block-out) for use with water-based ink (for example in ceramic and textile printing).


    • Easily reclaimable water resistant blockout
    • ‹Unique water based and water resistant formula
    • Resistant to water based, plastisol, solvent based and UV cured ink

    Features & Benefits

    • ‹Very high solids content offers increased durability
    • ‹Spreads smoothly and uniformly for optimum drying and filling
    • Useful for permanent or library screens
    • Reclaims with standard emulsion removers during screen recycling

    Blockout Finish W1 is used with water-based inks and is water resistant. It has an increased durability because of high solids content and is easily removed with standard emulsion removers. It should be stored in cool conditions when sealed in the original container and it keep its original properties for one year after the date of production. You should view the MSDS forms and the Technical Data Sheet before use. It is available in one, five, and fifty-five gallons.

    SDS Form

    Technical Data Sheet