Saati Ultrafix Adhesive

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Saati Chemicals Ultrafix CA products are 1-part frame adhesives. The Saati Ultrafix CA100 adhesive is recommended for mesh counts between 196 and 355.


  • Spray-activated cyanoacrylate adhesives
  • Mounts screen mesh onto aluminum, steel, iron, plastic-coated, and wood frames
  • Standard cyanoacrylate available in three viscosities — Ultrafix CA50, CA100, and CA150
  • Ultrafix C-Flex is a toughened, more flexible version

Benefits & Features

  • Cures instantly with spray activation
  • Requires no mixing
  • Good resistance to water and solvents
  • Instant cure and no mixing speeds up production
  • Reaches peak performance immediately upon curing
  • Can be removed from stretching system and pressed into production immediately


Material Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

Price: $39.39

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