Saati Saatilene Hi-R mesh is an atmospheric plasma surface-modified mesh that is recommended for all printing applications. Our white mesh requires less time to expose than yellow mesh and can be a cost-effective alternative.


  • High modulus
  • Low elongation monofilament polyester
  • Atmospheric plasma treatment

Benefits & Features

  • Superior stencil adhesion
  • Ready to use: the degreasing pre-treatment can be eliminated
  • Safe under exposure with all emulsion types
  • Available up to 4 meters width


Technical Data Sheet (US)
Technical Data Sheet (World)

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Price: $25.64
    Mesh Count:
    Threads per inch; Lower mesh counts allow for heavier ink deposits; Higher mesh counts allow for thinner ink deposits and finer image definition
    Thread Diameter:
    Small thread diameter allows for heavier ink deposits; Larger thread diameter allows for thinner ink deposits and finer image definition

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