Saati Saatilene Hi-R mesh is an atmospheric plasma surface-modified mesh that is recommended for all printing applications. Our yellow mesh absorbs more UV light than white mesh, reducing scattering, which can be useful for imaging fine lines and intricate details.


  • High modulus
  • Low elongation monofilament polyester
  • Atmospheric plasma treatment

Benefits & Features

  • Superior stencil adhesion
  • Ready to use: the degreasing pre-treatment can be eliminated
  • Safe under exposure with all emulsion types
  • Available up to 4 meters width


Technical Data Sheet (US)
Technical Data Sheet (World)

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Price: $27.53
    Mesh Count:
    Threads per inch; Lower mesh counts allow for heavier ink deposits; Higher mesh counts allow for thinner ink deposits and finer image definition
    Thread Diameter:
    Small thread diameter allows for heavier ink deposits; Larger thread diameter allows for thinner ink deposits and finer image definition

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