Saati Saatilene HiTex White Mesh

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Saati Saatilene HiTex mesh is recommended for textile, t-shirt, and ceramic applications. Our white mesh requires less time to expose than yellow mesh and can be a cost-effective alternative.


  • High modulus
  • Low elongation monofilament polyester
  • No surface treatment

Benefits & Features

  • Excellent price / performance ratio


Technical Data Sheet (US)
Technical Data Sheet (World)

Mesh Count:
Thread Diameter:
Price: $10.00

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    Listed below are the part numbers we currently offer for this product online. If you do not see the exact part you desire on our website, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you find the right solution.

    • SUP-MSH-0011 - Saati HiTex Mesh; 158.64 PW White 60 Inches
    • SUP-MSH-0014 - Saati HiTex Mesh; 196.55 PW White 60 Inches
    • SUP-MSH-0016 - Saati HiTex Mesh; 230.48 PW White 60 Inches
    • SUP-MSH-0020 - Saati HiTex Mesh; 305.34 PW White 60 Inches
    • SUP-MSH-0043 - Saati HiTex Mesh; 255.40 PW White 80 Inches

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