Sefar PET 1500 Yellow Mesh

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Sefar PET 1500 mesh is the screen printing mesh professionals use that is recommended for any applications. Our yellow mesh absorbs more UV light than white mesh, reducing scattering, which can be useful for imaging fine lines and intricate details.


  • Unsurpassed UV-A light undercutting protection of yellow mesh
  • Adhesion and preparation optimized mesh surface
  • Reproducible mesh relaxation
  • Good ink and paste release behavior
  • Good anti-static behavior
  • Wide standard range with high availability
  • Manufactured to meet the highest industry standards

Benefits & Features

  • Best edge definition in print
  • Extended screen life
  • Better color to color reproduction
  • Uniform ink application on large-sized area prints
  • Reduction of waste in the print process and increased production efficiency
  • Unlimited options of ink / paste film thickness
  • Predictable results, no surprises on press


Product Data Sheet

Mesh Count:
Thread Diameter:
Price: $1,089.46

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