Fimor Serilor LC Triple Durometer Squeegee Blade

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Fimor Serilor LC squeegee blades are the best value grade squeegee blades for all non-critical applications, from textile to multi-purpose graphic printing. Triple durometer blades have a harder durometer in the middle and soft or medium hardness material on the outside, preventing bends or roll-overs in the squeegee.


Serilor LC screen printing squeegee blades were developed with a new polyurethane formulation to achieve performance at an attractive price. Available in a limited range of dimensions/hardness combinations, Serilor LC is the right choice for non critical applications ranging from textile to graphic printing.

Benefits & Features

  • Competitively priced
  • Non-compromising performances
  • Easy sharpening
  • Color coded for quick identification
  • Ideal for use with less aggressive solvents


Fimor Serilor LC Squeegee Blade Product Data Sheet
Fimor Serilor LC Squeegee Blade Safety Data Sheet

Price: $97.14

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    Fimor Serilor screen printing squeegee blades are manufactured with a centrifugation process to avoid bubbles and craters in the material and to bring optimal homogeneity to the compound, even at the core of the material and after grinding.
    • Straight Square Edge: Our most common squeegee profile, used in a wide variety of printing applications on many different substrates. Generally, for more porous substrates, softer durometers should be used. Smoother substrates require harder durometers.
    • Squeegees should be stored flat, in a dry (50% relative humidity) room with a temperature range from 65° -75° F. Under these storage conditions, squeegee shelf life is approximately one year.
    • Production time should be monitored and rotation of squeegees should be done frequently. Frequency would be dependent on the ink/solvent being used. The use of aggressive UV and solvent based inks, will require the squeegee to be changed more often. This will allow a more uniform print quality and increase the life of the squeegee.
    • After removal from the press, a squeegee should be wiped clean and stored in a dry area at room temperatures.
    • Allow a rest period of 24 hours, to recover from contact with chemicals, before the squeegee is put to use again or re-sharpened and put back in to production.

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