Pleiger Plei-Tech 15 Single Durometer Squeegee Blade

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Pleiger Plei-Tech 15 squeegee blades are a premium material recommended for more aggressive solvent based ink systems or UV inks.


Plei-Tech 15 is an amber color and will darken while stored. A change in color may be seen in as little as 24 hours when exposed to UV and fluorescent light. This color change enhances the physical properties and ink / solvent resistance of the polyurethane.

Benefits & Features

Pleiger Plei-Tech 15 squeegee blades exhibit excellent solvent and abrasion resistance. Standard durometers for Plei-Tech 15are:

  • 60A
  • 70A
  • 75A
  • 80A
  • 85A
  • 90A


Pleiger Plei-Tech Squeegee Blade Profiles
Pleiger Plei-Tech Squeegee Blade Product Information

Price: $101.91

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    Pleiger Plei-Tech compounds are custom formulated to achieve high solvent resistance and excellent abrasion resistance. This combination results in a squeegee blade that will better maintain its durometer when subjected to aggressive inks and solvents, show minimal swelling during the print run, and retain its sharp edge longer. This will allow for continued quality during the screen print run, thereby increasing productivity.

    Pleiger Plei-Tech squeegee blades are available in a multitude of configurations and profiles designed to meet the unique demands of your screen printing application. The correct selection of Plei-Tech compound, configuration, and profile will result in the most cost effective solution for your screen printing production.

    • Square Edge: Our most common squeegee profile, used in a wide variety of printing applications on many different substrates. Generally, for more porous substrates, softer durometers should be used. Smoother substrates require harder durometers.
    • Double Bevel: The sharp edge provides excellent control on printing a wide variety of cylindrical substrates.
    • Squeegees should be stored flat, in a dry (50% relative humidity) room with a temperature range from 65° -75° F. Under these storage conditions, squeegee shelf life is approximately one year.
    • Production time should be monitored and rotation of squeegees should be done frequently. Frequency would be dependent on the ink/solvent being used. The use of aggressive UV and solvent based inks, will require the squeegee to be changed more often. This will allow a more uniform print quality and increase the life of the squeegee.
    • After removal from the press, a squeegee should be wiped clean and stored in a dry area at room temperatures.
    • Allow a rest period of 24 hours, to recover from contact with chemicals, before the squeegee is put to use again or re-sharpened and put back in to production.

    Listed below are the part numbers we currently offer for this product online. If you do not see the exact part you desire on our website, please contact us, and we will be happy to help you find the right solution.

    • SUP-SQG-0070 - Pleiger Plei-Tech; 70A PT-15 DB-S 60V 3/16 x 1 x 140 Inches
    • SUP-SQG-0072 - Pleiger Plei-Tech; 70A PT-15 SE-S 3/8 x 2 x 144 Inches
    • SUP-SQG-0203 - Pleiger Plei-Tech; 85A PT-15 DB-S 90V 3/8 x 1 x 144 Inches

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