Architects push the boundaries of engineering and design, which pushes technology and construction forward. Schilling Inc. motto “How Big Is your Vision?” isn’t just for show. We drive forward to meet the visions of architects.

Our screens are engineered, designed and built to allow for the crispest and most detailed of images to be printed on some of the largest pieces of glass on the continent. For over 30 years, Schilling Inc. has worked with architects and glass manufactures to fabricate screens that facilitate in bringing the design, glass and the building to life.

Applications : Interior Glass, Exterior Glass

Interior/Exterior Glass

Interior Glass

Screen printed glass allows designers and architects to create subtle to bold looks for a building using patterns, images and color. Screen printing glass can help improve a buildings solar performance, or increase privacy, while maintaining a clean modern look.

Press Ready Screens

Press Ready screens are designed, and built, to be run on press upon delivery. This allows our customers to run at full tilt without having to pause or worry about additional tooling, or required manufacturing.



Computer-To-Screen (CTS) imaging allows for the cleanest, sharpest of images by placing generation one images directly onto the screen.


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