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We put our years of experience to work for our customers – providing equipment services that aid in their ability to produce the best possible product. We help customers understand all the variables in screen printing, optimizing print room set up, screen care and much more.

Our equipment team can give you an edge on your competition by offering a wide range of advanced machinery – like the Lüscher Technologies MultiDX! digital screen image setter. These machines will increase the quality of your products and the efficiency of your process.

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MultiDX! powered by Lüscher Technologies

  • Images fine line widths as thin as 20 microns
  • Produces trampoline screens that are the most dimensionally stable on the market
  • Multi-resolutions in one machine: 1270/2540 dpi, 2540/5080dpi, 5080/10160 resolution
  • Precise millijoule calibration
  • Images direct to screen with no photo-tooling
  • Works with any emulsion, cap film, or mesh, SBQ emulsions not mandated