Color it beautiful.

Climate protection can look good.

With ColorQuant™ Solar Technology, solar modules can be colored and harmonized with the design of a building – the facade of a high-rise, for example. The modules can become invisible or they can stand out – it’s up to the city planners, architects and designers to decide. Since the intense colors are translucent, the efficiency of the solar output is not compromised..

Beautiful colors, high efficiency

ColorQuant™ Solar Technology was developed by EMD Electronics and Ceramic Colors Wolbring and exclusively distributed in North America by Schilling Inc. The product is based on the principle of coloring by interference, whereby the rays of sunlight are split like in a prism. The colored layer lets through only the light that the solar cell needs to generate energy, meaning that only the wavelengths that produce the color are reflected. The result is a beautiful color effect with minimal loss of solar module performance..

Photonic pigments width high transmission and selective color reflection

Solar energy as part of building design

ColorQuant™ technology is validated for long-lasting use in solar applications and can be integrated in solar module technology in a cost-effective manner.
It enables architects, designers and developers to make solar energy a permanent fixture in building design, helping to promote the climate neutrality in construction..

ColorQuant™ photonic pigments colored front glass

photonic pigments colored front glass

ColorQuant™ Pattern

ColorQuant™ Efficiency loss

Efficency in %
WO-PV-7265  ColorQuant™ Dark Grey ColorQuant™ Dark Grey > 90 %
WO-PV-7144  ColorQuant™ Green ColorQuant™ Green > 90 %
WO-PV-7264  ColorQuant™ Blue ColorQuant™ Blue > 90 %
WO-PV-7747  ColorQuant™ RGB Green ColorQuant™ RGB Green > 90 %
WO-PV-7748  ColorQuant™ RGB Blue ColorQuant™ RGB Blue > 90 %
WO-PV-7748  ColorQuant™ Dark Grey ColorQuant™ Dark Grey > 90 %
WO-PV-7750  ColorQuant™ RGB Red ColorQuant™ RGB Red > 90 %
WO-PV-7839  ColorQuant™ RGB Yellow ColorQuant™ RGB Yellow > 90 %
WO-PV-7756  ColorQuant™ RGB Dark Grey ColorQuant™ RGB Dark Grey > 90 %
WO-PV-7870  ColorQuant™ Red ColorQuant™ Red > 80 %
WO-PV-7870  ColorQuant™ Red ColorQuant™ Red > 80 %
WO-PV-7262  ColorQuant™ Light Grey / Silver ColorQuant™ Light Grey / Silver > 80 %
WO-PV-7143  ColorQuant™ Anthrazit ColorQuant™ Anthrazit > 80 %
WO-PV-7140  ColorQuant™ Gold ColorQuant™ Gold > 80 %
WO-PV-7263  ColorQuant™ Terracotta ColorQuant™ Terracotta > 80 %
  • Percentage of efficiency in relation to a non-colored module
  • Exact efficiency depends significantly on the selected glass and the color

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