Few think of silk screens as having a place in heavy industry, but that couldn’t be more wrong. Our screens have been used to produce liquid gaskets, adhesives and more. Some of our heaviest engineering work has been pushing the boundary in the ability of silk screens, and nothing shows that capability like our screens in industrial applications.

Applications : Gaskets, Adhesives, Protective Layers


Screen printing liquid gaskets provides our customers more control over product specifications. Having a more consistent material laydown adds to their ability of better quality control. Schilling Inc. offers a number of options and solutions to our customers to best fit their project and their production process.


Schilling Inc. frames are constructed from high grade aluminum and engineered to provide maximum strength for minimal weight. Each frame is welded water tight and tediously prepped for best mesh adhesion.


Press Ready Screens

Press Ready screens are designed, and built, to be run on press upon delivery. This allows our customers to run at full tilt without having to pause or worry about additional tooling or required manufacturing.

Press Ready

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