Quality frames are the foundation of quality screens and the best projects have the best foundations. Schilling Inc. frames are constructed from high grade aluminum and engineered to provide maximum strength for minimal weight. Each frame is welded water tight and tediously prepped for the best adhesion.


Our frames are built from a variety of aluminum tubing profiles. We stock some of the most popular profiles, outlined below, to allow for faster turn around times. To learn more about other tubing profiles, or to inquire about custom tubing, please contact us.

Flat Tubing

Flat Tubing

Rectangular Tubing

Rectangular Tubing
Titan Frame
Profile (inches) Wall Thickness (inches) Recommended Max Length (inches) Recommended Max Width (inches)
0.50'' x 1'' 0.125'' 0''-20'' 0''-20''
0.75'' x 0.75'' 0.125'' 0''-20'' 0''-20''
1'' x 1'' 0.125'' 0''-25'' 0''-25''
1'' x 1.50'' 0.125'' 10''-30'' 0''-35''
1'' x 2'' 0.125'' 10''-40'' 0''-40''
1.25'' x 1.25'' 0.125'' 20''-40'' 0''-40''
1.50'' x 1.50'' 0.125'' 30''-65'' 0''-55''
2'' x 2'' 0.125'' 10''-45'' 0''-40''
1.50'' x 2.50'' 0.125'' 50''-90'' 0''-65''
1.75'' x 3'' 0.125'' 75''-100'' 10''-100''
1.75'' x 4'' 0.125'' 100''-130'' 10''-100''
2'' x 5'' 0.125'' 130''-210'' 10''-120''
0.38'' x 1.50'' FLAT 0''-40'' 0''-20''
0.50'' x 1.50'' FLAT 0''-50'' 0''-20''

Gussets & Pre-Bow


Gussets: Gussets are an additional reinforcement, welded to the inside corners of a frame, adding strength and stability. They prolong the life of a frame by helping to prevent cracking at the welds due to high tensions, thereby reducing failure rate. Gussets provide stability to the frame by preventing/reducing warping, thus allowing a frame to stay flat and prolonging the life of the frame. Generally recommended for frames with at least one dimension 100 inches or longer.

Pre-Bow: The Romans used arches for one dominating reason, their sheer strength. By bowing the tubing running the length of the frame, additional strength is added. Large frames under high tension loads are better able to hold up and retain their shape. This has the benefit of reducing screen manufacturing issues, print issues and failure rate. Typically recommended for frames with one dimension at least 100 inches or longer.

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