Press Ready

Press Ready screens are produced to the customer's individual specifications. Imaged with our state-of-the-art Computer To Screen (CTS) process, or by conventional means with film positives (which can be customer supplied or generated by our skilled artwork services team), your screen will be ready to place on press.

Starting with the artwork, to the high definition imaging and finished with a thorough inspection, Schilling Inc. Press Ready screens are fabricated to ensure excellent image definition, even emulsion coating, and consistent mesh tension levels. We can produce machine coated, imaged and designed Press Ready screens in a wide range of sizes.


Computer-to-Screen (CTS)

CTS Machine

CTS imaging is cutting edge screen imaging technology. By eliminating film and vacuum tables from the process, CTS imaged screens benefit from first generation images being digitally transferred directly on the screen. This allows for significantly cleaner and crisper definition in the image compared to conventional imaging.

- CTS emulsions and white polyester mesh only

- DPI: 1270

- Frame Size Range: 20'' x 20'' to 130'' x 240''


CTS Machine

Conventional imaging is the tried and proven imaging process still heavily used in the industry, due to its wide DPI range for artwork, emulsion options, and cost effectiveness.

- All emulsions and all mesh colors and types

- DPI: up to 5000dpi

- Frame Size Range: 3'' x 3'' to 106'' x 216''

Machine Coating

Machine coaters allow for a higher level of precision. Schilling Inc. coating machines are some of the largest and most accurate in the country. They allow for a +/- 3 Micron variance in emulsion thickness.

Machine coating size range: 7'' x 12'' to 128'' x 208''


Schilling Inc. uses custom stretch tables and sensitive gauges to allow the closest accuracy and maximum flexibility for screen stretching. We stretch our screens to within +/- 2 Newtons of our customers required specifications.

Stretching size range: 3'' x 3'' to 130'' x 280''

Machine Coating

Mesh is the single most important component to a screen. It is available in a variety of thread counts (threads per inch) and colors (white, yellow, orange). The selection of mesh is determined by a number of factors for a screen. Some factors include the detail of the image, desired ink deposit, abrasion resistance and the chosen substrate for printing. Schilling Inc. hand selects the best mesh in the industry for the widest range of abilities. To further the range of possibilities, we work with Polyester, Stainless Steel and our proprietary Variant Mesh.


Machine Coating

Quality Frames are the foundation of quality screens and the best projects have the best foundations. Schilling Inc. frames are constructed from high grade aluminum and engineered to provide maximum strength for minimal weight. Each frame is welded water tight and tediously prepped for the best adhesion.


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