Waterborne Coatings

Our products are designed to be compatible with continuous and manual transfer type decorating processes, and can be applied with a variety of equipment types including air atomized, HVLP, and electrostatic. Urethane and Acrylic based systems are available. Sheen levels from full gloss to matte frost are available in a wide variety of opaque, translucent, special effect, and metallic colors.

Coating Features:

All our coatings have these outstanding features.

  • BPA-Free
  • Water Based, non flammable
  • Low Bake
  • Infrared and UV Cure Available
  • Easy Cleanup
  • VOC Compliant
  • Outstanding Transit Abrasion Durability
  • Extreme Water and Chemical Resistance
  • Frost, Clear, all Colors
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom Chemistry
  • Fast Tack Free
  • Durable and Tough
  • Forgiving Application Characteristics
  • Excellent Hot Hardness

Custom Colors

Rainbow Circle

In the decorating industry, color is everything and getting it right fast enough to meet your customers' needs can be hard. Let Schilling Inc. make it easy with our state of the art digital color prediction system which reduces the need for manual shading and enables precise reproducibility. Best of all, the same technology Schilling uses in house can be deployed in your facility dramatically accelerating color matches and increasing productivity.

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