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Apolan 3/8" x 2" x 144" Inches Molded Edge Single Duro Squeegee Blade

Apolan is the only squeegee manufacture with fully molded profiles for better solvent resistance for better resolution, color consistency, and longer print runs.



Squeegee – Specifications:


Molded edges where indicated, both sides molded


• Durometer color coded, -0/+5 ShA (50 to 95 ShA)


• Tolerance of Thickness +/- .20mm (.008”)


• Tolerance of Height +/- .1mm (.040”), Length -0/+25mm (-0/+1”)


  • Color Coded Durometer


  • ​Tolerance only 5 ShA: -0/+5 ShA


  • ​Durometer ShA 50 to ShA 95


  • ​Molded, sealed printing edges for:
    • ​​5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.6 mm rectangular
    • ​5, 7, and 9.6 mm "V" (Double Bevel)
    • ​7 and 9.6 mm Halfround (Ballnose)
    • ​9.6 mm Single Bevel


  • ​Molded, exact, consistent thickness


  • 4 molded edges for square profiles
    ​​3/8 x 3/8 in. (9.6mm)
    ​3/4 x 3/4 in. (19 mm)


  • Double Durometer with soft edge, high ShA Shaft
    • ​​with either molded edge or cut edge
    • Rectangular tip or round tip

  • ​​Metal backed squeegee (Type Autoroll)


  • ​Rotary screen squeegee
    • ​2mm PU edge molded to stainless steel shaft

  • ​​Fiberglass composite
    • ​​Two or four molded edges
    • reinforced setback from printing edge
Option Unit Purchase
Apolan 38MR50 M 50A Single Duro Squeegee Blade
In Stock
Apolan 38MR50 M 60A Single Duro Squeegee Blade
In Stock
Apolan 38MR50 M 70D Single Duro Squeegee Blade
In Stock
Apolan 38MR50 M 75A Single Duro Squeegee Blade
In Stock
Apolan 38MR50 M 80A Single Duro Squeegee Blade
In Stock
Apolan 38MR50 M 85A Single Duro Squeegee Blade
In Stock
Apolan 38MR50 M 90A Single Duro Squeegee Blade
In Stock

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