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Bopp SD Stainless Steel Mesh


Bopp SD stainless steel mesh is recommended for technical screen printing, electronics, solar cell technology, glass, and ceramic applications. Our stainless steel mesh can be used to fabricate premium screens that meet the growing demand for the highest levels of precision.


  • Advanced levels of precision
  • Extremely limited thickness tolerances
  • Stable weave
  • Above average flexural strength
  • Clean, uniform surface area
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • No static loading
  • Uniform appearance, no transition (mesh striping)
  • Large open area
  • Easy to fabricate

Benefits & Features

  • Optimum print quality
  • Advanced load capacity and service life
  • Controlled ink / paste deposit
  • Minimal loss of tension during the tensioning and printing processes
  • Excellent ink and paste flow
  • Extended service life
  • Maximum registration accuracy due to higher tensioning properties
  • Improved off contact characteristics
  • Advanced reproducibility at maximum printing speeds
  • Fast stabilization after tensioning
  • Fast commissioning of screens


Product Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet