by | Friday, March 13, 2015

Stretching Mesh

Originally printed in Ceramic Industries magazine March issue.

Written By: Pat Sabo

R&D/Tech Support, Schilling Inc.

A quality print can only be produced by using a quality fabricated screen. In this article we will present information in three key areas, the environment, the components and the processes. By focusing efforts in these three areas, quality screens can be made consistently and repeatedly.


The environment has the single largest impact on a screen’s finished quality. The biggest issue is contamination (dirt, debris, etc.). It will compromise the integrity of the glue, the emulsion and even distort or alter the artwork being imaged on the screen. The screen needs to be produced in a temperature & humidity controlled environment. Temperatures that are too cold, too hot or are constantly varying, will affect everything from mesh tension, glue and emulsion integrity. This creates the possibility of decreased performance, durability and longevity of a screen. Taking basic steps such as keeping doors closed, walling off dirty process, sticky mats and a well running...

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