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Pleiger Plei-Tech 15 Triple Durometer Squeegee Blade


Pleiger Plei-Tech 15 squeegee blades are a premium material recommended for more aggressive solvent based ink systems or UV inks. Triple durometer blades have a harder durometer in the middle and soft or medium hardness material on the outside, preventing bends or roll-overs in the squeegee.


Plei-Tech 15 is an amber color and will darken while stored. A change in color may be seen in as little as 24 hours when exposed to UV and fluorescent light. This color change enhances the physical properties and ink / solvent resistance of the polyurethane.

Benefits & Features

Pleiger Plei-Tech 15 squeegee blades exhibit excellent solvent and abrasion resistance. Standard durometers for Plei-Tech 15are:

  • 60A
  • 70A
  • 75A
  • 80A
  • 85A
  • 90A


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